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Billy is the definition of the 
American Dream.

Billy Dha Kidd is better known for his rapping than his real estate skills, but both careers are worth celebrating. Billy's early life was anything but comfortable.  Growing up in El Salvador, he was used to no running water and no electricity. He likes to say that he didn't start at zero but started at negative one-hundred. Billy's family immigrated to the United States when he was 10 years old, moving first to California and then later to Nebraska.


As a teenager, Billy began rapping as a way for him to express himself but found he loved the craft. Rapping allowed Billy to fill his time with something positive, instead of taking the wrong path many of his peers were on. Music taught him sales skills, business skills, how taxes work, and most importantly, how to make money.  Billy's story is definitely a movie about the "American Dream."  From owning real estate, companies, a podcast host, becoming a published author and working with artists like Kevin Gates, Baby Bash, SPM, MC Magic, Chalie Boy, Grammy winners AKWID, DJ Kane of the Kumbia Kings and more, Billy has made a mark and his mark will only get bigger.




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